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It all started with a long 2 hour drive north on Friday afternoon. We didn't get lost but were stuck in traffic.  Alex caught the train to Beerburrum after work and was there well before we picked him up at 6.30pm.
 A short drive out to Beerburrum State Forest for a peaceful overnight camp.

Saturday morning saw us hike/bushbash for 1.5hours to a rock climbing crag called Dwarfland.  A 500 meter walk on which we got a bit geographically displaced (maybe Alex's navigation skills took a setback due to numerous glasses of red wine the night before).  We left Luke and his friend Sam, there for a few hours of climbing.  Alex and I hiked back to the car (hurray we didn't get lost) and jumped on our mountain bikes.  A short ride later we stashed the bikes in the bush and hiked up Mt Tibberwuccum for lunch.  There are great views from the top, of all the major Glasshouse Mountains.

A small detour (i.e. we took the wrong track down and got lost for a second time) and we were back at our bikes. After cycling back to the car we hiked back in to Dwarfland. Another small detour (yes you guessed it,  Alex got us lost for the third time in one day) and we found the boys just finishing off their last climb.

A hike out to the car (luckily no more detours) and it was off home, via MacDonalds of course.
A perfect 24 hours had by all.


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