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After an exciting, short kayak (read scary, nearly capsizing in stormy seas) at Fortescue Bay we decided to set off on terra firma for a few days. This 2-day hike took us to some of the highest sea cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere.

The famous Three Capes Track is in the area, with its comfy huts (complete with beds, well-equipped kitchens, heating etc, etc) BUT no, we decided to do it the hard way and tackle 2/3 of the same track carrying our own tent, bedding and cooking equipment.

Starting from Fortescue Bay we head inland through forests and some open areas, up and down the hills for 8km.

Surprisingly we made very good time and reached our campsite at Bare Knoll after only 2 hours. We quickly set up camp on the new camp platforms, ate a quick lunch and set off for Cape Pillar.

Our Hilton!

It was 1pm by this time and we had 18kms of walking in front of us. We came across one of the walker's huts for the Three Capes Track. Very flash with great views.

Continuing out to Cape Pillar was nothing short of magnificent. Huge sea cliffs, fantastic coastline in both directions.

We made it to the cape around 3.30pm and had the place to ourselves. Tasman Island just off the cape was spectacular.

Alas, we had to return to camp but not before ascending The Blade - a narrow bit of rock jutting high on the cliffs. Not good to look down!

 We enjoyed the return trip just as much.

 There are quite a few interesting seats along the way.

We arrived back at camp at 6pm, after walking 26kms for the day. Needless to say, it was dinner and bed for us!

The next day we were up and walking early headed towards Cape Hauy. But first, we passed another Three Capes Walk hut...

...and then tackled Mt Fortescue.  Steps, steps and more steps saw us finally reach the top for a view of the coastline before heading down the other side through the mossy forest and this cute little seat!

We were now closer to the cliff edge again and the views astounded us yet again, this time with rock arches and sea caves.

Dropping our bags at the junction we hiked out to Cape Hauy. Once again words, nor photos can do justice to the scenery surrounding us.

At Cape Hauy we saw the famous Totem Pole climbed by rock climbers (Luke, I DO NOT want to know when you are doing this - tell me afterwards!)

We enjoyed lunch soaking up the fantastic views before finally heading back to collect our backpacks.

It was only an hour more of walking taking us down into Fortescue Bay - our endpoint.

Well, we mightn't have completed the full Three Capes Track (and enjoyed its luxury huts) but we did see a lot of the same fantastic coastline and sea cliffs and much to Alex's delight we had a campsite all to ourselves!

Another wonderful Tassie hike.

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