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Day 1

The first day is a nice introduction to the walk, with a relatively easy 11 km to the first campsite.  The first approx. 5 km meander easily along Booloumba creek to the cascades.  It is pretty impossible to go past the cascades without a dip in the crystal clear water.

After cooling down a bit and feeling refreshed it was a good stint uphill to Booloumba Falls, where we enjoyed another swim on multiple levels of the falls.  We started early enough to spend quite some time there before finishing the last couple of kilometers to the campsite.

The campsites are nicely segregated to provide privacy.  The rainwater tank was about three-quarters full and the water was good quality, although we sterilised it, just in case (who wants to spend the night on the throne?)

The only other group camping here were a nice bunch of TAFE students.  As with most of our hiking we were in bed by dark, ready to get up just on daylight.

Day 2

Although day 2 had the least amount of highlights, we thoroughly enjoyed walking in the shade of giant trees and coming across a couple of snakes.  The amount of staghorn (or elkhorns, no idea what the difference is) is phenomenal.

We started relatively early, had nice stops along the way, including an early lunch.  We were first at the campground at around 1pm.  Soon after the TAFE group arrived, with another group coming in from the opposite direction and four hikers that are doing the walk over two days.

Although the campsite was at full capacity, it did not seem crowded and there was no noise whatsoever.  We enjoyed our shepherd's pie dinner, which Kerrie dehydrates well in advance.

Day 3

This day started out with a short walk to Peters Falls.  If we would have known that these falls provided another great swimming opportunity, we would have come down here on the previous afternoon for a nice dip.  As it was, we got here in the morning and it was a bit chilly to brave the waters.  But it still provided nice views.

All the trails, on all days, are well maintained and signposted, and walking is pretty fast, or as slow as you wish to make it.  We were looking forward to another swim this afternoon at Summer Falls, which is also the location of the last campsite.

Unfortunately, there was only enough water in the creek to allow sitting in somewhat stagnant water.  But what the heck, it felt nice anyway.

Once refreshed we settled down for our last night, in once again beautiful and private surroundings.  Tonight's dinner was my favourite Spaghetti Bolognese, once again previously dehydrated by Kerrie.

Day 4

The last day, like the first, is relatively short.  It starts out with a steady uphill climb and then winding through dry forest along a combination of single walking and forestry tracks.  There is a bit of a pinch to the Mt Allan fire tower, with the tower currently being closed to climbing.  But it is still good to check out.  We also found another Geocache here before heading all the way back down to Booloumba Creek car park.

We thoroughly enjoyed this Great Walk, which was very undulating but with no particularly very steep sections.  It would be a great introduction for first-time, Great Walk hikers.  We did it in a clockwise direction but it would be just as good anti-clockwise.  It is a good idea, if you do the hike in warmer months, to plan swimming holes for the hotter part of the day.

For national park info and camping as well as booking go here.

Length of Hike

  56 km approx 


  4 days (3 nights)

Best Time to do

    Anytime, except when raining or after recent rain.


    Medium.  All well-signed track walking, with toilet facilities and water at each campsite.

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