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Mt Wagawn, our challenge for today

This was supposed to be an easy mountain to bag, but it put up more of a struggle than I thought.  But first came the caves.

With another free day, we jumped onto the motorbike and headed off to the border gate just past the "Natural Bridge" turn off in the Gold Coast hinterland.

From the border gate, we hiked up the NSW side of the border fence until reaching a gate, where we crossed the fence to the QLD side. There is a locked gate near here, but the fence has some hose over the barbed wire to make it easier.

Start on the NSW side of the fence

Crossing back to the cane toads!

Just follow the fence

The track up is easy going following a single track through some high grass.

The grass is chest high

The views of  the valley are stunning, especially after some recent rain and the pastures are spectacularly green and lush.

Nice views of the valley

Into the rainforest

We crossed the border fence again into NSW before heading back to QLD for the caves. The caves are really just big overhangs.  The kind of caves that I like, no confined spaces. We spent about half an hour just enjoying being there and having a bit of morning tea.

Awesome tree roots hanging onto the rock face

Crystal clear water

Following the caves along to the right, we passed through a nice crevice after which there were some spectacular rock walls and we were lucky enough to see water drizzling down, sparkling in the sunlight.

At the end of the caves, we veered up and started heading back to the the border fence to continue up to Mt Wagawn.  If you are are wondering Mt Wagawn is pronounced M-t W-a-g-a-w-n. Don't worry, we had no idea either.  With the caves being about 2/3 of the distance up, how hard can it be to finish off this mountain?

All I can say is that it is a lot steeper than expected.  Although it was nice going up, there were not many spots to enjoy the view.

One of the few spots for awesome views.

The top of the mountain is marked by a sign but it is very grown in and we couldn't see much of the surrounding landscape.  But it did make a nice lunch spot.

Made it.

While we were at the top we picked up a cool geocache that was in a great location.

The way down was a lot easier and it only took us half the time.  Back at the caves, we found our second geocache.  We were on fire.

On the whole walk, we only saw one other couple.  It was an awesome adventure that we would recommend for anyone who has a spare day.  Especially the Bushranger Caves, which only takes about two hours return.

Length of walk
    9.3km return approx.
    5 hours, including short morning tea and lunch breaks
Best Time to do
    Cooler months, with no rain on the day as it could get a bit slippery.

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