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Ok, so it's cycle touring this weekend. We are following a track from Neil Ennis (link below) who did this as a long one day cycle some years ago. It should be achievable over 2 days fully loaded, even though there are more than 2,000 meters of elevation gain over the 2 days!

We began our weekend on Friday night camping at the old Lynchs Creek School which is now a short stay camping ground/picnic area.

The old school building is open and filled with memorabilia.

Saturday morning dawned cloudy, but not raining and we set off at 7.30am keen to make our way up into Border Ranges National Park.

I don't have many photos, particularly of the hills, as there was no way I was stopping to take a photo, as I might not have been able to start again!

We reached Forest Tops campground in good time. By now we were in the clouds and it had started raining lightly. We were relieved to find a shelter where we had morning tea.

We didn't linger long as we were quite cold from being wet, as much from sweating up the hill as from the rain. Donning rain jackets we continued on through the forest.

I'd like to say my next photo was taken with special effects, but unfortunately the low light levels just didn't allow action shots. It was a nice creek though!

Lunch was had at Antarctic Beech Picnic area. We thought we were in luck as the rain had stopped, but alas, as soon as we took our first bite it started again. And unfortunately, there was no shelter here or views back over the valley.

Refueled and legs rested we continued up more hills.

We passed Tweed Valley, The Pinnacle and Blackbutts lookouts but no views today.

Eventually, we reach Bar Mountain picnic area which sits at over 1,000m, but we had cycled over 1,950 meters in elevation gain for the day. I was stuffed and any thought of taking even the 150m short walk was discarded in favour of a wine, dinner and bed.

Day 2

A foggy morning but the rain had stopped. We got away early, excited for our long downhill ride.

A bit of wind overnight had caused a bit of tree fall - luckily not on our tent!

We had to stop a few times on our 10km of downhill to let the brakes cool and this looked as good a spot as any.

We had spoken to a local landowner and arranged to drop from Creegans Rd to Horseshoe Creek Rd through private property. Although we were warned the old road could be a little overgrown and blocked with fallen trees.

And here is what we found......

.... even a snake blocked our path.

A kilometer later we were out and crossing a lovely little creek only to hit another snag in our day.

 Yes, Alex it's flat!

Tyre fixed and we were on our way. We hadn't seen any cars this morning but the wildlife viewing was great....

Some peaceful country roads to cycle along.

The morning was warming up and after a quick morning tea stop, Alex decided to put a little more air in the tyre he had replaced - MISTAKE.

He broke the tube, so had to replace it again - not happy!

Now not only had the day warmed, but the wind also increased dramatically and of course, we were riding into it.  It was a slow trip through the valley. We had arranged with Collins Creek School to utilise their water bubblers and this was much appreciated as we took shelter for lunch.

A further 10km after lunch, cycling through punishing headwinds saw us back at our car at the old Lynchs Creek School.

Thanks to Neil Ennis whose trail we followed and those that allowed us access through and on private property.

We had completed a tough but very enjoyable 82km cycle which saw us ride through rain, wind, and sunshine (thankfully not hail).

Check out our short video.

Length of Ride
  82km circuit approx.

  2 days 

Best Time to do

    Anytime except when raining heavily.

    Hard, mountain bike required.

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