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A partly cloudy day with a forecast of 31 degrees is perfect weather for a paddle.

Having garnered 2 more adventurous souls, Jo & Paul, we did a quick car shuffle leaving one car at Savages Crossing and the other at the start point of Lowood Bend.

Alex and I set to the water in a Canadian Canoe whilst Jo & Paul tackled it with solo kayaks.

It was immediately into fast flowing water (well fast water for paddlers accustomed to still water). We all managed this to varying degrees but no one took a swim.

It was peaceful paddling slowly down the river passing pelicans, birds basking on overhanging logs and watching the eagles soar overhead.

Around 6km along we approached twin bridges.  I went into a minor panic declaring we wouldn't fit underneath. I was envisaging my forehead smashing against the concrete roadway!  Alex was sure we'd fit and as he was steering he guided the canoe directly for the centre of the bridge whilst I was left ready to bail overboard!  Luckily for Alex he was correct and with just a little leaning backward we cleared the bridge easily.

After passing Twin Bridges the river generally narrowed, causing the water to flow faster and we paddled through several small rapids and gravel races.

Here's the video:

A short section of exposed embankment was a change again to the river bank.

Towards the end we came across another EX low-level bridge. No problems getting past this one!

Having arrived at Savages Crossing the guys went to retrieve the other car whilst Jo and I relaxed in the water.

Lunch at the Fernvale Bakery topped off an enjoyable few hours spent with friends.

Length of paddle
     11km approx.
    2 hours leisurely paddle
Best Time to do
    Any time of year, great for swimming in summer. 

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