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After seeing Obi Obi gorge water levels last week during a motorbike ride we decided in the morning to have a snap micro adventure.  The plan was to use lilos (airbeds) to float down the gorge for a couple of hours and then hike back to the car.  A quick shout out to Sue and Walter and we had partners in crime.
It is about a 1.5-hour drive and we hit the water by 1pm.  We were all kitted out with our wetsuits and watercraft.  Walter decided to go with a tyre tube.

The water levels were nice and high and it was pleasantly warm in our wetsuits.

It was a bumpy ride at times and Sue got a good battering of the shins, but she kept on going strong.  At one stage Walter got sucked under and was wedged in some rocks for a short while before he re-surfaced.  It's all part of a fun day.

Various attempts at little rapids

Here goes Kerrie

Here goes Walter

Here goes Luke

The journey down the river is about 2km and it took us 2.5 hours.  We could float most of the time but had to scramble around some small waterfalls that looked a bit too fast flowing for us, especially the submerged rocks stopped us from going over.  Sue had a bit of a problem, she stopped floating as her air mattress kept on going down.  The next pictures are shortly after lilos having been blown up.

We passed a cool waterfall.

We found a great rope swing and Luke and Walter were all over it.  I chickened out, as I don't like heights too much and this was just above my fun tolerance level.

It took about a 100 meter bush bash until we found the track back to the car park.  We did the 4km hike back in about 1 hour and we finished with plenty of daylight.

Obi Obi certainly looked a lot different with all the water in it, compared to our last hike up the gorge where there was hardly any swimming.

Here is the river section:

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