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What do you do on a 36 Degrees day? Play in the water of course.  We called up the troops and five of us went to Obi Obi Gorge for some fun in the creek.  The lilos were checked and ready and we were eager to go.

With an early start, we were ambitious on how far we could get, but as so often the best plans don't work out 100%, but that's not a problem if you can adapt.

From the car park, it is only 500 meters down to the creek so we had the lilos pumped up before we started walking i.e. the electric pump helped a lot.  No time wasted, we were off down the stream, with a few minor rapids to get us into the mood and warmed up.

 As we progressed downstream the rapids became a little bigger as did our confidence. 

It is an awesome gorge as everyone can decide which rapids to tackle and if not, there is always an easy way around them.  The water was at the perfect temperature and we were comfortable at all times.  Not too hot and not too cold.

We were a bit slower than expected and were wondering whether the planned 8 km downstream would be achievable.  With all the banging around the rocks, my lilo developed a leak and needed to be blown up regularly.  This was getting a bit painful, but then Walter's lilo had a blowout and we were forced to cut our trip short.  Luckily we were close to the great walk track and only needed to traverse the bush for a few hundred meters.

The views of the gorge on our way back were very rewarding and we could clearly see where we had been.  About 1.5 km from the finish we decided to have lunch near the top part of a waterfall.

Unfortunately by the time, we finished the cool water was just a distant memory, but the experience and fun were still fresh in our minds.

This adventure is highly recommended in the hot season and going downstream for only 4 km and then hiking back out can easily be achieved in about 5 hours.  Just be aware that fast-flowing water can be dangerous and everyone should make sure they know what they are capable of.

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Length of Adventure

8.5 km approx (about 4 km in the creek)


5 hours approx

Best Time to do

In the summer when there is a decent amount of water in the creek.


Medium, depending on water level and what you are willing to tackle.  Not much navigation is required i.e. just follow the creek and exit to your right where the walking track is not far from the creek.

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