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Nearly there
With autumn bringing cooler weather it was perfect conditions to tackle Mount Tibrogargan.  So off we went with Natasha, Paul, Jo,  Ray, Vanessa and Riley.  It took us about 1.5 hours to get to Mount Tibrogargan carpark, which was full to the brim and we had to park a bit down the road.  If all the people went up the mountain, it was going to be a bit squishy.

Here is where it all starts

A bit more tricky 
Up, up and beyond.

But apart from the first steep section up the mountain, there were no roadblocks. We were on all fours most of the way and avoided looking down too much.  At some stages, I was wondering whether you would bounce if you lost your footing, but I think it would be more like a splat.
Nearly there

I think we made it

Although the views from the top are the bee's knees, Tash was not looking forward to the descent.
Just spectacular
But she pulled it together and led Kerrie and me most of the way back. I must admit that I was thankful when everybody was down safe again, but I was still buzzing with adrenalin. Apparently, one guy, who overtook us on the way down, was not so lucky and he tumbled down the last bit, but luckily, apart from his pride, he seemed unhurt.  The hike took us 3 hours return.  Before heading back home we devoured our lunch at Glasshouse Mountain lookout, only 6 km away by car.

Length of walk
    3.5 km return approx.
    3 hours, including breaks
Best Time to do
    Cooler months, with no rain on the day as it would be very dangerous.

CAUTION: There have been deaths from falls on this mountain.

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