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 A picture perfect morning for a paddle.

Putting in at Cabbage Tree Point we headed north to paddle across the northern tip of Tabby Tabby Island only to find low tide had other ideas for us!!!

Tabby Tabby Island had grown larger at low tide so we turned south and paddled along it's western shores.

Turning east around the southern tip we headed north again. As we paddled, with Mosquito Island to our east, we now had the tide flow with us which increased our speed substantially.  The surface of the water had barely a ripple.

The only movement was the occasional fish jumping and the stingray whom we disturbed, giving it as much of a shock as it gave us.  We also saw huge amounts of jellyfish silently floating by. Some way up we stopped at a sand bank jutting out from Mosquito Island for a quick snack - breakfast had been before sunrise!!

It was then time to head back, this time paddling north around the extended tip of Tabby Tabby Island.

So a circumnavigation was completed!

A beautiful 1.5 hours and 9.7km of paddling.

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