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Friday - Wine, fire and stars

Arriving at Glen Rock State Forest for Friday's sunset we find we have the Casuarina camping area to ourselves for the night. This was enjoyed with a few wines around a campfire, looking up at a star-filled sky. No better way to start a weekend!

Saturday - Mt Philp, Red Rock and Glen Rock 

We awoke to a cool but clear winter's day and after a quick breakfast donned our hiking gear and set off.

Initially following a fire trail we quickly found ourselves walking off-track ascending Mt Philp's steep slope. The knee-high grass covering rocky ground made for slow walking but we were afforded fantastic views as we made our way higher.

Having ascended 555m in 2.5km, with up to 49% gradient, we arrived at Mt Philp's summit (893m according to our GPS) which astounded us by offering even more stunning views.

It was now onto our next goal - Red Rock. We descended somewhat....

... and continued towards a brilliant red rock....

...where we enjoyed morning tea perched on the edge. We didn't dare lean on the tree!

The very dry surrounding grass looked on fire in the early morning sun.

After dragging ourselves away from the view we headed onwards, but looking backwards gave us the best view we had had yet of Red Rock. (I don't even want to think about where we had been sitting!)

Dropping down into the saddle we found a fire trail which was a welcome relief from the high grass and rocky ground.

Unfortunately, this didn't last long and we were back ascending another razorback ridge off-track.

And we even had a small section of rock scrambling...

...before reaching our highest point of the day.

Some more viewpoints (I really wish Alex wouldn't stand so close to the edge!) ...

but he is so strong!

We traversed along another razorback ridge towards Glen Rock.

And after a precarious walk out onto Glen Rock, we relaxed on our final peak for the day, enjoying more great views of the valley.

It was then just a short slip-and-slide walk down the side of Glen Rock back to our campsite.

Check out our Video!

Sunday - Flaggy Creek Cycle

Length of walk
  12km circuit approx.

  6 1/2 hours 

Best Time to do

    Winter as summer would be very hot.


    Med - hard. Off-track hiking experience required.

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  1. Great stuff, checking this out on the wknd!


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