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It all began with a vague idea. Then we roped in some fellow adventurers, poured over some maps, checked the tides and tidal flows and we had ourselves a 'Beerburrum Adventure'.

The crew consisted of Sue, Walter, Alex and myself (Kerrie). Having my sister live adjacent to Beerburrum State Forest helped with logistics and gave us a very convenient 'base'. This is where we met up early Saturday morning, before dropping Kayaks to Donnybrook.....

...and hoping I got the tide times correct. That mud wouldn't be nice to drag kayaks through!

We then drove to our start point at Coochin Creek Camping area. Here we began our 25km cycle.

 It was a fairly straightforward cycle through the pine forest with a mix of tracks....

 ... and some good views at times.

A short stop for some nourishment - lollies all round!

Sugar hit powering us on for the last cycle stretch.

Arriving back to base we had morning tea before setting off on our short 5km run/walk leg to Donnybrook.

 Sue is in charge now (of navigation) - we will listen and follow.

She even decided to have a talk to the cows....

...obviously imparting some words of wisdom (and even they listened!)

Whilst Alex & Walter had some important things to discuss (or were they planning a revolt?)

We were all enjoying our walk, but no running happening as yet.

Our original track route turned out to be rather overgrown....

...so we backtracked to a clearer track where we had to at least pretend we were doing some running.

The track turned rather sandy and we were glad to be on foot and not bikes.

It wasn't long before we popped out of the bush into Donnybrook where we prepared kayaks for the next leg of our adventure.

But first a picnic lunch - after all, we do need to eat - so why not do it in style!

Ready to set off into Pumicestone Passage for the 16km kayak up to Coochin Creek Campsite.

The tide is in our favour (for the majority of the paddle) but not so the wind. (Sorry Walter, I'll try to organise that better next time!)

It was about mid tide so most of the sandbanks had at least 30cm of water over them. This allowed us to paddle fairly directly as opposed to following the boating markers' meanderings.

We had great views of the Glasshouse Mountains...

... and Sue & Walter checked out a small island.

We came across a great variety of birds enjoying the waterway with us ...

... and were treated to some spectacular take-offs.

Alex thought he could try his hand at flying as well.

Eventually, we reached the mouth of Coochin Creek where the tide was flowing fast, going in our direction, and we were sheltered from the winds. Awesome - easier paddling - we were virtually being pushed along!

 The sunlight was dancing on the water as we made our way upstream.

Eventually, we approached the last bend....

... and completed our 'Beerburrum Adventure'.

  Cycle: 25km
  Run/Walk: 5km
  Kayak: 16km

   7 hours, including morning tea & lunch breaks

Best Time to do

    Anytime the tides (we launched kayaks at mid-tide on an incoming tide) and wind are right. 


    Moderate, some kayaking experience necessary. Route finding needed on all 3 legs.

Cycle Leg

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Run/Walk Leg

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Kayak Leg

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  1. Great day out! Thanks for the invite and all the planning Kerrie
    What's next...?


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