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After 5 days spent laying on the couch with a nasty cold, it was time to get up and move.

Not really feeling up to a hike I decided cycling would be better - I can just roll the downhills and  I get to sit down. Sounds easy right?

Having previously cycled many sections of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) it was decided to tackle the closest section to our home, which ironically we had never done.

So it was dose up on cold and flu tablets, add another dose to the backpack for lunchtime and Alex and I were off to cycle the BVRT Wulkuraka (Ipswich) to Fernvale section at 22km long, and then back again.
(Alert: just been sick for 5 days and virtually done no cycling for months!)

Leaving the car beside the Wulkuraka train station we cycled approx 3km along wonderful cycle paths thanks to Ipswich City Council.

We then hit the dirt of the rail trail. The trail's surface varied from dirt to gravel to grass and some soft sandy soil. All of which was very easy on a mountain bike.

We passed under roads...

through gates...

over grids....

around old bridges...

and through creek lines.

There were 5 old station sites on route to Fernvale and of course we had to photograph them!

Just short of 2 hours later we arrived in Fernvale.

We bought lunch from the Old Fernvale Bakery and sat in the park across the road to eat and relax.

We had passed quite a few people already on the trail but here we saw many more arrive in Fernvale and continue along the rail trail. It's great to see it so well used and most cyclists were supporting the local shops for lunch!  The free drinking water tap available at the information centre adjacent to the park was also fantastic to fill water bladders and bottles.

After a leisurely lunch, it was time to begin the return journey. Fernvale sits at a slightly higher elevation than Ipswich so the cycle home should be easier.

After the first 3km I was exhausted and had trouble breathing. Ah.. forgot to take that cold & flu tablet at lunch. A quick stop and we were off again. Oh no... my legs are now cramping and I still cannot breathe!  Managed another 4km before stopping and falling to the ground with my legs a knotted ball of cramps.  Stretched for 5 mins and off cycling again. OK now I can breathe again (the tablets have kicked in) but my legs are still cramping!  Had to stop twice more in the next 15kms to lay flat on the ground trying to alleviate my leg cramps.

Finally reached our car and although we both really enjoyed the cycle, maybe next time I'm sick for 5 days - a 44km cycle might not be the best recovery activity!

Length of ride
    44.5 km return approx.
    5 hours, including a long lunch break
Best Time to do
    Cooler months, or anytime if you are fitter.
    Easy, family friendly with moderate fitness.

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