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Today the weather forecast is clear so we set out for a longer hike to find the tunnel in Wappilka Ridge.

Firstly out to the lookout and down the ridge from camp. Upon dropping into Gorge creek I almost stepped on this beautiful fella!

Not to be outdone Alex snapped a couple of spiders.

Not far along the creek we located a cave with Aboriginal artwork. 

A bit more creek walking and then it was time to head up Wappilka Ridge. 

We found caves, amazing sculptured rock, stunning coloured rock walls and holes to crawl through.

There were fantastic views of Observation Peak.

We skirted alongside the ridge walls...

...before we eventually found our way up onto the top of the ridge which narrowed to a razorback. 

We walked this for a short distance before deciding that was enough risk and descended back down in search of the tunnel. Originally we dropped too low, finding a nice cave.  The walking was quite easy as a fire had burnt away a lot of undergrowth.

Eventually, we found the tunnel and it provided cool relief from the sun. We had lunch in the tunnel enjoying views in both directions.

Leaving the tunnel we dropped down a steep creek line. Here we found a small hole/tunnel through the rock.

Continuing down we dropped into Gorge Creek and made our way back up the steep ridge to camp.

Length of Hike
  10 kms approx 
  6 Hours 
Best Time to do
    Anytime except when raining.
    Hard, off-track navigation & scrambling skills required.

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