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A rainforest walk with some great views along Nightcap Bluff was the agenda for our 2 day overnight hike this weekend.

Unsure of water availability high up on the bluff we loaded up with 6 litres of water each plus a frozen 2 litre carton of milk. This made for heavy backpacks!

After leaving our car on Huonbrook Rd, Huonbrook we commenced our ascent up onto Nightcap Bluff. It was a solid, slow 1km up The Red Road which was a very rutted out, old red soil road.

Upon reaching the top we dropped out heavy packs for a side trip north along the bluff.  We followed a wide foresty trail, again more uphill. There was a small, slight scramble up the rocks and then WOW, what a view!

Nearby we found some old remains of industry - perhaps logging.

After tearing ourselves away from this awesome vista, we retraced our footsteps to our packs and continued along The Red Road. At the junction with the Nightcap Track is the 'Loo with a view campsite'.

There was the old loo...
...and the newer version
(not with the same great view though!)

After this, some single track led us through the thick rainforest with another fantastic view, this time south...

 ...before emerging into different vegetation near our lunch spot at Tea Tree lookout.

  Our view whilst dining on our gourmet rolls of meat, cheese and lettuce.

After lunch, we detoured west for 2kms along the Historic Nightcap Track to Dirangah Rocks.  Unfortunately, our photos do not do justice to the enormity of these rocks.


Upon returning to our packs we headed south along the Historic Nightcap Track. We came across some fantastic old growth forest and Alex engaged in some 'tree hugging'.

Not far from here we reached our campsite for the night which was rather different. We camped beside/in the Postman's tree which is 4m across on the inside with logs to sit on and an old fireplace.

Day 2 saw us awoken by the birds and after a leisurely breakfast we continued along the Historic Nightcap track.  A short detour to check out the top part of Rocky Creek (where there was water) made for a nice morning tea stop.

Upon reaching the 4 way junction we took North Rocks Rd to descend back to the valley. Some more great views along here and a lunch stop before popping back out onto Huonbrook Rd and the 2km road walk back to our car.

This was a great circuit, even though not totally isolated (we saw 12 other hikers/cyclists), it was peaceful and still remote enough for Alex to enjoy!

Length of walk
  24km circuit approx.
Day 1 - 11km
Day 2 - 13km (mostly downhill)


  2 short days 

Best Time to do

    Any time of year, although winter could be cold in this area.


Easy overnight hike or a long day hike 

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