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One good Pinnacle deserves to be followed by another.  So we headed back to the Gold Coast Hinterland to hike up Pages Pinnacle.

Pages Pinnacle
Great views from the top

From the car park at Pine Creek Road, you follow the fire trails towards the Pinnacle.

After going around the gate, turn right at the first junction then cross a small creek and turn right again at the next Y intersection.  At the next intersection keep left and head up the hill.  At about 1.5 km from the road (not 100% sure about the distance, didn't check the GPS)  there is a cairn on the left which is not the correct way up.  I.e. do NOT take this one, I believe this leads to the rock climbing area.  The following two pictures show the cairn and tree that mark the correct turn off at 2.3 km from the car park (this is pretty exact, we actually checked the GPS).

Kerrie at the cairn with her awesome walking poles.

The big gum tree at the turn off has the directions on it.  Pretty straight forward.

From here you follow the footpad towards the razorback that leads to the Pinnacle.

The path away from the the firetrail is well marked and you can't get lost

After about 10 minutes following the trail you get to the first razorback, where it is best to stick to the right, because the left is a pretty steep drop off.  You have to cross a slab which is a bit exposed, but not too bad.

The mountain goat

Once you get across, you have a choice of going over the next minor peak, which involves a steep descent down a rock wall or you can take the easier option (that's the one we took) and skirt around to the left.  This option still leaves a bit of a climb down a rock wall, but it is a lot smaller than the other option.  We doubled up a 10 meter rope to make things a little bit easier, but not neccessarily needed.

Shortly after we got to the next razorback and we hesitated as it looked really exposed (on the right there is a sheer drop off which doesn't promise a soft landing) and we decided to have some lunch to think about whether we should go on.  After only a couple of minutes we knew that we had to try as it would bug us for a long time if we didn't.  Luckily we did, it turned out to be only exposed for a few meters and then the trail went through scrub away from the cliff right to the top.

The camel on the razorback.  Trust me it is a lot more hairy that it looks in the photo

The below shows the last ascent to Pages Pinnacle.  When you get to the top make sure to follow the trail to the other side for some great views.

This is an amazing day for a perfect walk and scramble.

The views are just awesome.

The way back seemed much easier and we both enjoyed the scrambling and adrenelin rush.

One slip and it's gonna hurt.

Easy peasy

Some butt action.

More gracefull

It took us around 3 hours and 30 minutes for the round trip including a morning tea break and some stops for sight seeing.

Length of walk
    6.5km return approx.
    3:30 hours, including morning tea and some other breaks
Best Time to do
    Any time of year with no rain on the day. Pinnacle rocks would be too slippery.

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