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Baily, Kobble & Muscat Creeks Hike 

D'Aguilar National Park

A great day out rock hopping, scrambling, and hiking through some steep off-track terrain.  The walk started on track before descending steeply down into the creeks. Lots of fun rock hopping and scrambling through some beautiful and at times narrow creek areas. Due to low water levels, we were able to stay dry. Had to detour around a few small waterfalls which involved some scrambling up steep loose hillsides.  We used a rope (handline) a couple of times just for added safety. The walk took us just over 8 hours (50 & 60yr olds!) with morning tea & lunch stops. I'll let the photos tell the story.

Length of Hike

  9 kms approx 


  8 Hours approx

Best Time to do

    Anytime, except when raining or after recent rain.


    Hard, off-track hiking, scrambling and navigation skills required. 

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