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With Covid19 restrictions being eased we finally can go camping again.  The only problem is, that everybody else wants to go camping too.  To me, crowded campsites are as bad as having to listen to my daughter's Taylor Swift playlist (ok maybe not quite that bad).  Hence Kerrie got the job of finding a remote camp that we could cycle to and at the same time avoid busy roads.  As usual, Kerrie came up with the goods.

The idea was to leave the car in Freestone (on the way to Warwick) and ride back roads out to Steamers Creek bush camp.  When we booked the site we were super excited as there were no other bookings.  You may have noticed that I like to get away from people.

Arriving at Freestone we talked to a farmer who allowed us to leave the car at his property.  It is always reassuring to anticipate returning to a car that hasn't been broken into or burned to the ground.

Although we had to go on some bitumen road, there was hardly any traffic and all the car drivers out here are great, giving us a wide berth (maybe because of my swerving across the road).

After an initial uphill slog, we were glad to increase our moving average by cruising downhill for a while.  This exhilaration was dampened by one of my panniers nearly coming off while achieving my max speed.  But thanks to sheer luck everything turned out fine.

We had to slow down to avoid getting any speeding tickets but didn't see any cows with a radar.

Kerrie is powering up another hill and working up an appetite for lunch.

Our lunch spot could have been even better if there was water in the creek.  Make note, that next time we should do this ride after a bit of rain.  But we were not worried as we were carrying about 10 litres of water between us.

Food tastes so much better in nature.  I don't even get in trouble for dropping crumbs on the floor.

Take note, maybe it is not too bad doing this trip when there is not much water in the creeks.

We are the only ones at the campsite and are enjoying a quiet evening with a glass of red wine that Kerrie surprised me with.  We went to bed with the birds and were amazed by the quiet of the forest.  Something we are not used to living close to Brisbane.  The only noise we heard during the night was a few cows walking past.

After an awesome 12 hours of sleep and a leisurely breakfast we were back on the road for our return journey.

Slight delay with a pinched tube, but we were prepared with a couple of spare tubes and it was fixed in no time.

Most of the way we are passing through farming country with only the last bit being a national park.

As so often on our outings we found some unique letterboxes.  This gives me ideas for our letterbox design.  I wonder whether I can use an old microwave in our suburb.

We pumped over one last hill before cruising alongside golden fields of grass to our car.  Although a bit sad that we only had two days, it was good to be out spending time in nature.  This little outing is feeding the fire for our next big adventure.  Whatever that may be.

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Length of ride
    80 km return approx.
    5 hours each day, including breaks
Best Time to do
    Cooler months, or anytime if you are fitter.

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