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Today the intention was to do a nice 30 km bicycle loop incorporating some of the Ipswich to Boonah trail.  I firstly want to mention that to our defence this was a snap decision and we didn’t do much research and also don’t have any maps for this area.  We just knew that we would start at the intersection of Undullah Rd and Wild Pig Creek Rd.  We would follow Wild Pig Creek Rd until we hit Washpool Rd and then down Mt Elliot Rd back to Undullah Rd and to the car.  This loop is 30km long. We also read that further down south the Ipswich to Boonah track is blocked by private landowners not allowing through traffic any longer.  We found our starting point alright and soon were off down some very scenic and nicely graded gravel road.

We crossed the creek several times and at 6.4 km we followed the instructions and veered south, staying on Wild Pig Creek Rd.  We continued on a gradual upwards gradient and Tash made friends with a horse.  She was contemplating riding it rather than her bike.

After a short steep rutted out climb at 13 km we came to a Private Property No Trespassing sign. That’s when it dawned on us that we must have gone wrong somewhere. 

Not to worry, we settled down for a nice lunch and had no choice but to head back.

It was much easier going and we were soon back at the 6.4 km mark where we made our mistake on the way up.  We should have veered right up the much smaller dirt track and not stayed on Wild Pig Creek Rd.  Not to worry, this way we have an adventure up our sleeve for another time.

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