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Having arrived at Beilba National Park campsite last night we were treated to fantastic views of the morning sun lighting the cliffs opposite us.

After breakfast, we set off to find the way down into the creek. Alex attempted a climb down only to decide I would struggle with it so went back to our car to grab our 4WD snatch strap to assist us.  On his return, he was surprised to see me sitting at the base of the climb down! I had found an easier way down so Alex then returned the snatch strap to the car as he thought it a bit heavy to lug with us all day.

We followed the bright orange cliff line along for a bit before dropping down a scree slope and through scrubby bush. It took us nearly an hour but we eventually reached the creek and soon came across water although the creek was mostly dry.

We headed upstream through fields of boulders, rocky overhangs, eerie monster looking forests passing occasional water holes. We found Boab trees, brilliant flowers, staghorns, and trees growing on the side of the rocks. Birdlife around the water holes was prolific.

Eventually, we left the main creek line to take a side creek back up to the plateau.  This was easy until right at the end we came to a dry waterfall blocking our path. It was only 5 meters high but straight up! We scouted around and found a way up on the left rock wall. Once on top, we had a pleasant walk through the forest back to the road into camp.

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