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It was time again for another Puff n Puffin micro adventure.  Kerrie, as usual, came up with the goods and discovered Bally Mountain.  It sounded just perfect, we had most of the day and only needed to be back home by late afternoon.

The bags were quickly packed and "Whacky" (my KLR650) was ready to take us to new adventures.  But first, we had to fill up at the legendary "Outpost Cafe" in Canungra.  Breakfast was huge, relaxing and fun amongst all the other riders.  This cafe has a great laid-back atmosphere.

With our bellies full we dragged ourselves back onto "Whacky" and enjoyed a nice cruise through the Gold Coast hinterland to our destination.  To our surprise, we were the only ones in the car park at the end of Bonogin Rd.

We decided to attempt a loop walk, up the spur to Little Bally Mountain and then across the very narrow ridge to Bally Mountain and down another spur to the carpark.  It was straightforward through the first gate, then after about 100m we turned left through the second gate, following the trail across the grassy area (keeping to the right) until crossing a little creek.  The creek was easy to cross without getting wet feet.  After that we followed the trail up until coming to a T intersection where we turned right following the spur up.  It was pretty easy going and just before getting to Little Bally Mountain peak we encountered the old house.  It is in the most awesome location but is close to falling down.

I would love to live there (but that's another story).  Little Bally Mountain has some awesome views and if you are afraid of heights it would still be a great place to visit.

We had a short break and I backtracked a bit to find a Geocache before we headed to Bally Mountain.  This is where the fun and awesomeness started.  The path is pretty well defined, but the ridge that joins Little Bally Mountain and Bally Mountain is a little bit hairy, saying that, no ropes are required, just a head for heights.  When on the ridge the views are spectacular whichever way you look.

 I felt the traverse was just challenging enough to be awesome fun, but Kerrie had to dig deep to make it across with a lot of determination and sometimes on all fours.

But it was all worth it, Bally Mountain must now be one of my favorite spots.  It was an amazing place to have lunch with views that money can't buy.

On the way down we followed a path less defined but pink tape made it easy.  Also the fact that if we veered too far left or right we would probably have fallen down the side of the spur.  The top of the spur is pretty steep and shaly (i.e. slippery),

but soon it levels out and we  merged onto a fire trail that leads back down to the creek at the bottom and the car park.

The whole walk took us about 4 hours, but we took it easy and had several stops, for lunch and (of course) coffee.  This is a hidden gem that I would recommend to anybody who is looking for a short or half day adventure. Just need a head for heights!

Difficulty: 3 out of 5
Length: Circuit approx 5.5km
Time: Approx 4 hours with lunch and photo stops

Wikiloc: https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/spatialArtifacts.do?event=setCurrentSpatialArtifact&id=20163948


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