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With my holidays coming to a close, we decided to have a couple's overnight outing at a multi star facility.  Of course it needed to include leisure activities, beautiful setting, secluded beach, total privacy and dinner and breakfast on a verandah overlooking nature.

Lake Wyaralong was the perfect spot that offered all of the above plus more.  To achieve maximum benefit we decided to take the extended approach i.e. we put in the kayak at the canoe access near Lillybrook (western trail-head).  We chatted to the rangers, who were very friendly and assured us that not all cars left there are broken into.

Our paddle started with a therapeutic struggle through a field of sea weed or should this be damn weed (note pun).  After hacking away at the weed and finally getting into clear water, we felt much better.  All frustration had left our bodies.

From now on we paddled undisturbed through clusters of dead trees that have become the nesting place for many birds.

We even decided to wash our fishing lures and trawled them behind our kayak.  They are now nice and shiny.  All the fish were amazed as well and they could only look on in wonder as the lure swam past them.  Obviously fish was not on our menu for tonight.

It took us around two hours to cover the 10km to the camp site landing spot.

Ngumbi camp is made up of two beautiful old Queenslanders that have been stripped to bare minimum and which now can be used to camp in.

As expected we were the only ones there and we soon sat down for a relaxing drink (out of the best crystal glasses we could find) with cheese and crackers, on the verandah.  The sound of pure nature was awesome and I didn't think about work at all.

We had an early dinner, consisting of pasta and no fish.

After relaxing a bit more we went to bed early in our luxury room (even with skylight).

Waking just before dawn I had the most amazing coffee on the verandah (and then another).  As we were camped on the bottom of Mount Joyce, I had no choice (wow, another pun) but to run up it.  Kerrie stayed to relax at our luxury accommodation, before walking to meet me along the way back.  It was a fun run up and challenging back down again.  Also nearly stepped on a red belly black snake, but only nearly.

Last night the kids decided to camp at the eastern trail-head (Meebun Recreation Area), so, instead of heading back to the western trail-head we kayaked to the kids (about 5km in one hour) and used Tash's car to pick up our car.

It was an awesome time spent together as a couple and such a beautiful location must surely deserve a 5 star rating.

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