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The original plan for this weekend was a Mountain Bike Orienteering event. As the week progressed it was obvious that wasn't going to happen. I (Kerrie) had been suffering a sore knee for the past 2 weeks, Alex came down with a nasty cold on Tuesday and on Thursday Tash had a tooth removed!  It was decided a weekend full of R & R was needed.

After some research, I found Koreelah National Park and it's creekside campground.  A beautiful, peaceful location that we had never been to.

Fires were allowed which was essential as the night time temps got to below zero both nights. Our water taps froze, the soap suds from the evening's dishes froze on the table, the bowl of water left out overnight froze and so did we!

Friday night saw us in bed early to get warm. The fire could only keep us warm for so long. Around midnight I realised in my haste to get to bed we had left our rubbish bag out and not closed the trailer door.  We had a very persistent visitor (Possum) who had climbed into the trailer and dragged our loaf of bread out. So out of a warm bed I climb, put away the bread and rubbish (in the trailer) and close the trailer door. Good, now back to sleep. Well, not so just yet. Our little possum friend could obviously still smell the food in the trailer. He was up on top of our trailer, running back and forth looking for a way in!!! It took me getting up 3 times and several bangings against our roof before he decided 'no food to be had here' and took off in search of some other unsuspecting campers.

Saturday morning once again saw the fire blazing and was spent relaxing and reading until I could no longer contain my curiosity and convinced Alex and Tash it was time for a walk.

There was a nice short walk to a small waterfall and swimming hole at the top of a gorge-like section of the creek.

Of course, that wasn't enough for us (even with our ailments), we scrambled down into the gorge and made our way further downstream.

How beautiful was this place? We continued until we found ourselves at the top of another waterfall and it's infinity pool part way down. This would be a fantastic place for a swim in summer and it appeared you could continue further down the gorge with a bit of scrambling.

Back at camp, we made a damper to go with our soup for a late lunch.

 A bit more of that R & R during the arvo before setting the fire roaring again for dinner. Another early night to escape the cold. Tash slept in 6 layers and Alex 5 layers of clothes overnight and they were still cold.

Sunday morning called for a hot breakfast and more reading, sitting in the sun. Just what the doctor ordered. Oh, and Alex and Tash brushed up on their slingshot skills.

They had this little fellow thinking all those small rocks must have been food coming his way.

We left for home just after lunch, all feeling a lot better for the time spent relaxing. I'm sure we'll be back here in summer for a swim in that infinity pool!

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