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Saturday - Mt Philp, Red Rock, Glen Rock Hike

Sunday - Flaggy Creek Cycle

Sunday morning dawned another glorious Queensland winter's day and after a lazy BBQ breakfast we set off on bikes up the valley.

 Initially, we followed the well-maintained road up the valley (note Alex happy to cycle ahead) ...

... before taking the turn-off to Flaggy Creek where the track was less used.

Alex stops and pretends he's taking in the views and insists I should ride ahead so he can take video - sure! Wouldn't be there could be snakes lurking in amongst that grass?

A locked gate blocked our progress...

... but not for long. Although we did have a few more obstacles to contend with.

It was very pleasant riding through the valley following an old overgrown road. But notice, Alex sends me first again (he wants to take more video) - seems this way every time we come across long grass!

Eventually, we did reach the end of the road where it was time to turn around and retrace our tracks.

The views on the way back towards the far hills were just superb!

I finally convinced Alex to go ahead on the way back - after all, I needed to take a photo!

We visited the old cattle yards, about 3.5km from the campsite, on our way back.

Here we found a tree full of fruit - unfortunately not quite grown enough for picking!

And once again, as we found all weekend the views were just amazing!

Length of Ride
  14km circuit approx.

  2 hours 

Best Time to do

    Winter as summer would be very hot.


    Easy, mountain bike required.

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