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The Brunswick River
This time we were invited by Lisa and Darren to join them on a one day adventure that would include paddling and cycling.  Destination Brunswick Heads and Mullumbimby with the river for paddling and country roads for cycling in-between.
We dropped the bikes at Brunswick Heads (Brunswick River) boat ramp and started our kayak at Mullumbimby boat ramp at around 11:30.
Boat ramp at Mullumbimby
The trip was planned perfectly with the tide just having turned in our favour. The river meanders through the nice backcountry and we came across a number of beautiful spots beside the river where landowners have built idyllic weekend retreats.
Old railway bridge

Relaxing paddling

I could live here
Apart from the occasional fishing boat and a couple of other kayakers we were the only ones on the river.  I disappointed everyone by not falling out of the kayak, and even surviving the trip without major cramps.  Although I was happy to get out of the boat at our destination. Another uplifting fact was that our bikes were still where we left them, otherwise, it would have been a long hike back.
Working up an appetite, we had awesome fish and chips in Brunswick Heads, before heading towards Mullumbimby on our bikes through the back roads.

Lunch spot

Awesome scenery

The back roads were very quiet with a couple of steep pinches.  Once you cross the highway there is a couple of kilometres of gravel road, but otherwise, it is all sealed.
Bit of gravel road

Stopping to take in the views
We couldn't believe our eyes, when we came across a driveway that was lined with old sets of snow skis and ski resort signs (don't want to know how these were obtained).  There was even a sign from Hakuba, our last ski holiday.
What a collection
Brings back memories

From here on it was all downhill to Mullumbimby.  This only left us with a short drive back to Brunswick Heads to pick up our Kayaks.  And yes, they were still there along with our paddles and other gear (not that I am a mistrusting person).
It was a fantastic day with great friends and we are already looking forward to the next outing.

Length of trip
    13.7km return approx.
    5 hours, including short morning tea and lunch.
Best Time to do
    Any time of year. Could go swimming in warmer months.

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