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With recent rains, we thought a 2-day cycle visiting a few waterfalls would be an ideal weekend.

Day 1

Starting from the beautiful picnic area at Wappa Dam we set off with enthusiasm.  Our bikes heavily loaded in training/testing for a future long-distance adventure.

Our first stop, only 150m away was to take a quick look at the dam wall which was overflowing.

Taking to the bitumen initially, we passed a creative letterbox. It's amazing how many interesting letterboxes we see on our travels!

Alex also spotted this majestic Black Cockatoo enjoying a feed.

Onto the dirt and we crossed York Creek...

...and due to recent rain, the cascades were flowing nicely. 

It was a bit early for a swim so we continued on. The next section involved a very rutted-out, rocky, steep track up into Mapleton National Park. Hence no photos as it was just a case of slogging it out to the top. I certainly pushed more than cycled for a couple of hours! Finally, we reached the top and turned onto a smooth dirt road taking us to Point Glorious Lookout. Some superb views to be had here along with a well-deserved rest.

From here it was back onto the smooth road and a mostly downhill cycle to Cooloolabin Dam. Happy times!!

We enjoyed another rest and lunch here.

Heading back into the forest we turned onto Mapleton Forest Rd. Approx 1.5km along we stopped to take the short walk into the top of some falls (unsure of their name). Fantastic views and a great spot to cool off.

The cool-off was very appreciated as it was then a long grind uphill. With the name of  'Change Gear Hill' all being well and good but I ran out of gears! 

We reached Mapleton Day Use Area where we filled up with water and headed into the bush for camp.

A final experience or shall we say lesson for the day - when in a rainforest don't attempt to sleep without the tent fly. Of course, it rained. Nothing like having to get up in the middle of the night in the rain, find the tent fly, put it on and peg it out.

Day 2

After a relaxing breakfast, we cycled the Oaky Creek Lookout Mountain Bike Trail to the lookout.

This was obviously the place to be on a Sunday morning. There must have been over 30 people, including cyclists, walkers and motorbike riders (they have their own trail to get there). Awesome views but with all our chatting we forgot to take a photo!

Returning back via the day-use area we headed down the first half of the Kureelpa Falls circuit. This was a buzz of a ride down, but I'd hate to be coming back up.

The falls also turned out to be 'the place to be' on a Sunday. I can see why. We enjoyed a refreshing swim and lunch here.

These falls are on the South Maroochy River and on leaving here we needed to cross it.  

The track crossing was a little deep but not far downstream we found somewhere to cross.

Then the real (scary) adventure of the weekend began. A nice little track...

...lead us to the razorback!

Yep, that's a drop-off to the left and the right wasn't much better.  Alex walked ahead to do a recce and thought we'd get through pushing/carrying our bikes. My reply was "well you'd better take your bike, then come back for mine". Which he did.

We came off the razorback at a weir.

From here it was a nice cycle across farmland (on Intake Weir Rd), and a little more dirt...

...before hitting the bitumen and finishing back at Wappa Dam.

A short video of our ride

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Length of Ride
     66 km circuit approx.
    5 - 7 hours each day, including breaks
Best Time to do
    Anytime, summer after recent rains for swimming


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