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It's summer and time for some water adventures!  Our goal - Love Creek Falls abseil and some swimming in Cedar Creek rockpools.

An afternoon storm the evening before saw us keeping an eye on the rainfall amount as we didn't want to be making our way up a raging creek. As it turned out the rainfall was perfect, providing a spectacular walk, with flowing cascades, waterfalls and great swimming holes.

We set off from the end of Cedar Creek Rd at 8am dropping straight into the creek and rock hopping our way upstream.  At times there was a trodden track alongside the creek making for easier walking.

After about 15 minutes we came across the first of the swimming holes complete with a rope swing and high rock walls where some people were jumping from. Continuing up there were several more rockpools and small waterfalls.  We decided it was still a little early for a swim and would leave that for our return trip.

As we continued up Cedar Creek the rocks became bigger and there was quite a bit of scrambling up and over and around large boulders, waterholes and even small waterfalls all the while trying to keep our feet dry.

At the junction of Love Creek we were faced with a shallow pool to cross and waterfall to scramble - end of dry feet!

We continued up Love Creek for about 1/2 hour before finally reaching the base of Love Creek Falls.  Wow - a three-tier waterfall with the bottom drop a narrow vertical chimney, flowing spectacularly after last nights rain.

It was decided to have an early lunch before scrambling up a track to the right of the falls.  The scramble was steep but not exposed, with plenty of tree roots acting like a ladder.

Finally at the top it was time for our 3 abseils.

Firstly an easy wide waterfall which we abseiled immediately beside the water.  The base of the abseil (ledge) was large and wide and could easily be used by large groups without any overcrowding.

The second abseil was away from the waterflow and also onto a large ledge.

Here we came across 4 large snake skins. No snake to be seen - but sure it's there somewhere!  Probably looks like this one we saw later in the day.

Now for the longest and most spectacular abseil.  We used a 60m rope and there were only a few spare metres on the bottom, so close to a 30m drop!  It was a sheer vertical wall, abseiling in the spray of the waterfall. At the bottom, there was the option to land in the water or swim/bridge to a ledge.  All of us managed to get to the ledge (with Walter's help) except Alex who decided to test the water - yes it was wet and cold!

All down and time for a group photo at the base.

It was now 12.30pm and we set off back downstream ready for a swim.  We only took 1.5 hours to walk back to Cedar Creek Rockpools where Luke, Walter, Tash and Sue all jumped from 2m high ledges into the water.  As for myself, who just doesn't like this jumping thing, I jumped from about 50cm high into the water with a loud enough scream to embarrass myself, Luke & Tash.  Alex decided he'd had enough water earlier at the abseil and would be the photographer here.  The water was refreshingly cool, but pleasant enough for a swim.

Blurred Action
Finally with a few drops of rain we decided it was time to call it a day.  A short walk back to the cars with smiles on our faces after another a great day!

Length of walk
    6km return approx.
    6.5 hours, including abseils, lunch and swim
    Longest drop approx 30m - we found a 60m rope sufficient. Anchor bolts at all 3 abseils.
Best Time to do
    Summer after a small amount of rain, but not rain on the day. Rocks would be too slippery

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  1. Nice writeup :)

    That's the most water I have seen there, looks like great fun. Love the santa hats too!


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