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Out of bed by 03:00 on the road by 04:30. The Gagel convoy is heading down south.  With the canoe and camper on our car and the kayak on Luke’s car, we are well set for some fun times ahead.  With Luke still on his “L” plates he was annoying most drivers as in NSW he is only allowed to go 90km/h and in a 110km/h zone that seems pretty slow.  Tash on her green “P” was a bit better off, being able to drive 100.
On the way we had lunch at a day use area, which was ugly (i.e. standard motorway issue) apart from the local residents, a bunch of beautiful chickens and roosters that seemed to have made this day use area their home.  With water provided and leftovers from travellers they seem to be doing quite well.  At least until some hungry travellers cook them.
Our detour at the end of the day to Olney state forest “Old Rangers Headquarters” campsite was well worth it.  With only two other campsites we were able to utilise the large shelter (with tables) as it was raining lightly.  Tash set up her tent inner under the shelter and Luke decided to sleep in the car.  Kerrie and I were roughing it in the trailer on our queen size double 10 inch foam mattress.
Clouds covered the campsite and it was pleasantly cool for a great night sleep.


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