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Refreshed we made it through Sydney, hopefully I wasn’t too fast through that speed camera otherwise we’ll have an expensive holiday snap.  Turning off the Hume highway we took a Google maps tour through the back woods on narrow country roads through some very nice scenery.  Yes it is possible to drift our trailer through the bends.
Kangaroo Valley Bendeela recreation reserve was an eye opener.  This campsite is huge with still a lot of campsites free.  We decided to pull in between two existing campers that seemed like quite family types.  Reasoning behind this was that we can choose who we camped beside rather than leave it to chance.  Theory worked well for us, but our neighbours were not too happy for us picking a spot so close to them.  But come boxing day, they may be happy.
The day before it took two minutes to set up camp, today it was about 1 hour with all the tarps, ensuite, awnings and tents.  But it looks nice and comfy and with a good amount of shade.
The river provided a nice wash and cooled us down well, before afternoon drinks and nibbles.  As soon as we sat down and the sun was starting to set, the campsite was invaded by wombats.  I have never seen so many wombats in one place (that’s actually not too hard, because I have only ever seen one live wombat in the wild before).  But there would have been at least 10 and I am sure there have been a lot more in other parts of the camp.  Talking to people we found out that they are a real nuisance with them scratching their backs on caravans and trailers at night, keeping the occupants awake, pooing on shoes and even people falling over them on their way to the toilet.  But I love the creatures.  They look like they need a hug.

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