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It was meant to be an overnight mountain bike ride with Lisa and David, but cyclone Debbie had other plans for us.  With our mountain bike trails closed because of flooding, Kerrie worked out that it would be best to head for the hills on our motorbikes.  The plan now was to head to Bunya Mountains on the motorbikes and stay there overnight before heading back home to Brisbane.

Little did we know that it was going to turn out to be the perfect movie script, including suspense, drama, adventure and even some romance.

Some clever planning on Kerrie's part the trip was evened out between David's road bike highway speed and my adventure bike dirt road advantage.  We met at Fernvale in the morning and started out with a nice coffee kick.  Our bikes were loaded up with camping gear, some food (including eggs, which I wasn't sure whether they would survive until the morning) and two cans of beer, which would definitely not survive until the morning.

The weather was just perfect for riding and I was enjoying not being sweat covered for a while.  David and Lisa took off down the nice and windy roads and I tried my best to keep up.  I was having the time of my life.  The road took us through Esk and then towards Crows Nest Falls via Lake Perseverance.  Before we could have lunch we went for a short walk at Crows Nest Falls. With the current rain, the creeks were full of water and the falls were in their full glory.  Nobody dared to go for a swim - the water flow looked a bit fast for those of us not born with fins!

The next riding section was full of fun with some nice dirt road sections where I actually managed to get ahead of David for a short time.  We also came upon some water across the road for which we couldn't stop, so we just hit it full speed and enjoyed the early wash. With hearts pumping we kept on going.

Next stop Yarraman "Driver Reviver".  It may be just instant coffee, but the people who make it for you are just awesome, providing an incredible service with a smile, which makes the brew taste perfect.  With biscuits thrown in on top, it's excellent.  Just as we were about to head out, I noticed a bolt missing in my bike frame.  David went off on a mission and found a perfect replacement from the local produce shop.

The ride up to Bunya Mountains was a fun ride with some more short sections of dirt road and through some really stunning countryside.  It is amazing how green the grass is up here.  The campsites are lush, the local wildlife is friendly, and best of all it is right beside the tavern.

Remember the two cans of beer.  David and I were taking care of them while the girls set up the tents.  Well, we felt a bit bad and helped out a bit as well.  With the scent of beer with us now and getting a bit hungry, we headed for the tavern.  This was just one more surprise for the day.  The Tavern was beautifully set out with a nice outdoor area warmed up by large gas heaters.  The girls enjoyed their wine, David and I took care of the beer and dinner was very nice to top it all off.  Not to mention the perfect friendly service.

We ended up early in our tents ready for the next day.

The morning didn't disappoint with a beautiful sunrise of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and coffee.

We were all raring to go on our 10k walk (well maybe not David who only had his motorbike boots).

But here comes the drama, David's bike had a flat tyre.  Luckily the Tavern manager was really friendly and helped out with a pump.  To see whether the tyre would stay up we went for a shorter version of our walk, seeing some beautiful falls, amazing bunya pines and strangler figs. We also learned about birds that make a sound of a baby crying.  It was really eerie hearing that sound.

The tyre seemed to stay up quite good and we headed out towards Kingaroy.  But not before a relaxing morning coffee with fudge platter.

The landscape was very stunning, ranging from forest to sweeping grasslands. We came through a little township which provided some more air for David's tyre, which seemed to deflate at a steady rate.  At Kingaroy, David invested in some tyre goo, which seemed to help a bit.  At least we could see where the leak was now (if this is a good thing).  We managed to get to Blackbutt for lunch, where we had cheeseburger pies.  Yes, cheeseburger pies, including fried egg, meat pattie, cheese and mustard all in a pie.  Ah yes, we also got some more air for David's bike.

Things were getting serious with David's tyre by the time we got to Esk.  I.e. it was as flat as a lizard drinking.  After pumping it full with more gu (purchase at the local petrol station), we saw it oozing out some more, but there was no plugging up action.  So back to the local petrol station and David bought a tyre plugging kit, which seemed to do the job after a couple of failed attempts due to not reading the instructions.  Instructions are totally overrated anyway.

We took it nice and easy sitting on 80km/h on the way home and after checking the tyre at Fernvale we all made it home well and sound sad that the weekend was over.  But we had lots of fun with Lisa and David hoping to do it all again soon.

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