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It's kayaking weather and we have a spare day.  Kerrie to the rescue! "How about a little paddle around the bay?  I know just the place, let's visit Green Island for an early lunch."
Great idea, I thought, although being confined in a kayak is not my favourite place to be.  I prefer to be in a canoe, where I can spread out and have a bit of moving room.  But the kayak is definitely better in the waves than a canoe filling up with water.

The weather forecast was spot on.
  • Winds: 5 knots Easterly
  • Swell: up to half a meter
  • High tide: 10:13
  • Temperature: high of 30 Degrees Celcius
We headed out from Manly boat ramp amongst a lot of fishing boats at about 07:30.

Navigation is pretty simple, the island is right in front of you and doesn't seem 5km away.

But as we were heading towards it, against the slight wind, it didn't seem to get any closer in a hurry.  The swell didn't seem around half a meter and the only rolling we got was from the pretty steady stream of motorboats passing us.  It took us about 50 minutes to get to the southern tip of Green Island, where we found a nice spot to stop for some cool watermelon, with several million friends.  Midges!  Kerrie pulled out the arsenal, Areogard, and basically nuked herself.  The midges stayed well away from her and starting feasting on me.  I hate insect spray and would rather get eaten to a pulp.

The trip around the eastern side of the island was awesome and should definitely be done at high tide so that you can do a bit of exploring through the mangroves.  We anticipated for the swell to pick up around the eastern side, but the ocean was pretty flat and paddling was easy.  It wasn't long and we arrived at the northwestern tip of the island where there is a little beach.  Perfect spot for lunch, but so thought quite a few other boaties.  We managed to find a quiet spot around the corner and once again went through the midge/nuke/being eaten ceremony but also had a pleasant swim.

The paddle back to Manly boat ramp was pretty easy going, as now we were headed with the wind.  We passed a lot of little sailing boats on the way back and thought to be home free when a fishing dinghy headed straight for us.  We saw two little kids looking at us as they were bearing down on us, but the two adults were focused on something behind them and were having a good old chat, not looking at where they were going.  No matter how hard we tried, for some reason, we couldn't get out of their way.  It was only in the last split second that they turned around and accomplished the evasive manoeuvre.  A friendly wave, nervous smile, feeling of relief and everything was cool.

It was once again great to be in the outdoors, and although I was covered in red dots from the midges, we enjoyed our paddle and are looking forward to exploring more islands in Moreton Bay.

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