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Another beautiful winter’s day in Brisbane - blue skies and t-shirt weather (just).

We began the circuit around Enoggera Reservoir thinking a nice easy fire trail would be the order of the morning. Should have thought about the fact reservoirs fill due to being surrounded by hills!  Up and down we went. 


At just over half way around we deviated up, and I mean up, the E Break fire trail to South Boundry Rd. A few kms along South Boundry Rd took us to Hillbrook Rd. This is a residential bitumen road and the easy way down to Gold Creek Reservoir. It was on the brakes all the way down, still hitting speeds of 50km per hour around the bends.  Luckily Alex was on the left side of the road as a car popped out from behind a blind corner. 

At the bottom a short, pretty ride along Gold Creek Road took us to our second reservoir of the morning. A track took us the easy way up to the top of the dam wall.

BUT.......... Alex could not resist the small dirt track leading straight down the hill, back to the picnic area. It's steeper than it looks! A bit of fun and luckily he proved his prowess and didn’t end up a youtube sensation – three bystanders were filming him.

We had a short lunch in the picnic area, with some company giving us such pleading looks for our food. 


Back on the bikes we decided to take the bitumen Gold Creek Rd up to Jones Rd and then onto dirt heading back through the forest.  Alex went to grab our track map from his pocket only to realise it wasn’t there.  So it was ‘take a guess’ cycling back to Enoggera Reservoir as there aren’t that many signs – at least not the ones we were looking for. 

On finding the shoreline it was a more flatish ride back around the lake. 

Our only mistake was we ended up inside the water treatment plant enclosure – not sure how we managed that but quickly found a small hidden track at the end of the fence line in the bush which lead us back out to the road.

It was only 21kms of cycling but an enjoyable mico adventure on a perfect Brisbane winter's day.

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