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Back to one of our favorite campsites, Glen Rock.  It is a nice open campground with not too many people around even on weekends (not that I am antisocial).  Camping needs to be booked online, preferably before leaving home, because mobile reception is very patchy (apparently Telstra has some coverage at the campground) unless you walk up the ridges.  This time around my parents joined us and they were our support crew.

After having been here for two rogaines and several camping trips, we knew that there was still a lot left to explore in this area.  After Kerrie did some research we decided that the Point Pure circuit sounded like a fun adventure.  The day consisted of three parts, an initial 8 km bike ride along the creek track to the far end cattle yards, a 12 km hike and then 8 km bike ride back to camp.  Sounded pretty simple and we were wondering why it took some people who did the track previously close to 9 hours.

Kerrie was aiming for us to leave at 7:00 in the morning to give us plenty of time.  I didn’t see the need to rush and we only got away at 8:00 after several cups of coffee.  I was hoping that these cups of coffee would power me all day.

It was freezing cold riding along the creek with several patches of frost still hanging around.  The creek was pretty dry and only a couple of crossings had water in them.  We were trying very hard not to fall in.

Kerrie not getting her feet wet

A bit of water in here
About 3 km into the ride we came across the first set of cattle yards.  It took us just over an hour to get to our destination, the far end cattle yard.  Here is where we left our bikes.  Unbeknownst to us, this is also a nice official camping area.

A short (about 200 meter) track further up the road we entered our hike into Shady Creek and pretty much straight away up the spur (i.e. don’t follow the creek).  We soon realised why it takes people a long time to do the 12 km hike.  It was all up from here for about 3 km with a 900-meter elevation gain.

It is easy navigating, with at first following the fence line and then just continuing up the spur.  Don’t be fooled by false summits, several times we thought to have reached the top, just to be faced with the next ascent.  I got into trouble by Kerrie for always telling her that we were nearly at the top and was lucky to avoid her walking sticks wrapped around my head every time she saw the next ascent.

This is just the start of the views

Up we go through great bush

And still going up

Made it to the top
The views are spectacular all the way to the top.  Point Pure is clearly visible and just about the whole route in the distance can be seen.

Before reaching the summit there is a sharp short pinch followed by a small razorback (not dangerous) and another small pinch and you've made the hardest part of the day.  Well, this 3 km took us 2 hours.  If we keep up this average, the hike would take us 8 hours.  Luckily we brought our headlamps along.

So far it has been lightly forested, but now it became a little denser, but still easy navigatable.  We now skirted the ridge on the northeast, before dropping down another spur heading in a north-ish direction.  Along here we encountered the largest natural plantation of “Cobblers Pegs” and we were soon covered by the little critters.

More "Cobblers Pegs" than you can point a stick at

Going a bit tougher here

In this area, we saw a lot of feral pig diggings but didn't come across any pigs.

Smiles all around
Before getting to Point Pure we crossed the top of Shady Creek (right branch) which had a nice steady flow of water.  Point Pure offered a nice lunch spot and also would be a perfect campsite for a multi-day walk.  After laying in the sun for about 20 minutes, we were off again.
Just can't get over the views

We need to be over there

Made it to Point Pure

Fresh water abundant on the top of Shady Creek (left branch)

The terrain was a lot easier now and the going was a lot faster, until we had to skirt around the final peak.

On top of the world 

More awesome views
It was a bit steep and Kerrie lost her footing, sliding on her backside 5 meters down the mountainside before coming to a sudden stop.  This turned out the best form of travel, down on our butts until we came onto a little animal track which we followed to the next spur, that brought us down in record time.

The going is good here

Easy does it down the hill

Our own personal security guard

Back at the cattle yards, we found that a bull had taken to looking after our bikes and he was very interested in what we were doing, especially when Kerrie was getting changed into her riding knicks.  I was ready with the camera just in case of Kerrie being chased by the bull.

The walk took us 6 hours 30 minutes and we were back at the cattle yards at 16:00.  Perfect timing.  This left us enough time to get back to camp, on our bikes,  in daylight.

My parents had ready a cold beer and a nice hot beef stew.  A perfect end to a perfect day.

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Length of hike
    8km mountain bike ride
    12km circuit walk
    8km mountain bike ride
    2-hour bike ride 6.5 hours walking, including short morning tea and lunch breaks
Best Time to do
    Cooler months, with no rain on the day. Leave enough time to complete the circuit i.e. it is harder than you think.

Difficulty scale: Difficult

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