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With Kerrie still being sick, we enjoyed the 2 hours 40 minutes train ride from Kyoto to Tokyo (513km) that includes 5 stops. The fastest train you can catch takes just over 2 hours.  On the way, we got a glimpse of Mt Fuji.

When we got to Ueno (Tokyo), we must have looked a bit lost trying to find out how to get to our hotel.  A lady that spoke a bit of English stopped and asked whether she can help us.  She ended up calling our hotel, getting directions from them and walking with us all the way there.  The people are just super friendly and helpful.

Next challenge was getting something for Kerrie's cold.  Unfortunately, no one spoke English and I just took a guess with the below.  They seemed to work a bit but kept Kerrie from sleeping at night (something like Codral daytime tablets).  Ah well, you can't have all wins.

We decided to sit in the park for a while and soak up the sun.  On the way there, we crossed the largest pedestrian crossing that we have ever seen.  About 6 streets and over 100 meters long.  Not quite sure whether it was the famous Tokyo crossing, but anyway it was massive with thousands of people crossing at the same time.

At the park, we had some veggie patties and on the way home, we managed to get some oranges and fruit to boost our vitamins.  As I was always drinking Kerrie's seaweed soup (that you get with most meals) I may have built up more resilience to a cold.  I actually love the seaweed soups.

There is a labyrinth of shopping and food streets where we went out for dinner and once again thousands of people.

We opted for this place to eat. It promised an English menu and it looked interesting to bbq on your table.

The English menu

We opted for squid, pork belly and a couple of prawns.

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