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Himeji Castle and Kokoen Gardens

Headed out early again to catch the train to Himeji.

We like to take the back streets with no traffic and fascinating sights.  It is great how the Japanese don't park their cars on the road.  All cars are parked on private property.  I.e. they don't believe that the road in front of their house belongs to them.  This leaves even the narrowest streets nice and navigatable.

 Himeji castle is awesome and its origin stems from more than 650 years ago, with restoration work constantly taking place, with the latest being completed in 2015.
Even the roof tiles are decorative.
 From the top of the castle, you have a 360-degree view of the city, originally the whole countryside.  At least you could see who was going to attack you.

I tried some green tea flavoured ice cream which everyone eats here in Japan.  Not a great success, I think I'll stick to chocolate ice cream.
Kokoen Gardens next to the castle was awesome, even in winter.  It would be great to see during spring and summer.
 These ponds contain the biggest carp I have ever seen, some up to a meter long.

  They even have trees growing inside the house.

 Kerrie was impressed by this musician.
We couldn't figure out how the cars get up and down the levels.

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