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Australia Day weekend and our planned 3-day cycle trip lasted all of 100 metres! Loaded and setting off through a ditch I noticed a slight thump and then a scraping sound on my wheel only to look down to this....

Not sure what to call it but with no spare tyre - BAD NEWS was a nice way to put it.

So as we were already nearly 3 hours from home and virtually in Toonumbar National Park (where we had planned to cycle) we decided to do a few walks instead, including the awesome Eden Creek Falls.

But first a brief description of Saturday and Sunday...

We camped at Iron Pot Creek Saturday night. A beautiful campsite beside a lovely creek which was perfect to cool off in.

On Sunday we went for a run along a fire break and also walked the Murray Scrub 5.5km circuit.

It was a peaceful walk through large Red Cedar trees ....

... assorted fungi ...

... and unfortunately giant stinging trees.

With the unfortunate part being I touched one. And geez do they sting! Painful for 2 hours and it took 24 hours before it was completely gone.

30 minutes into my stinging or should I say whinging about it, Alex didn't really believe what I was going on about so he also decided to try it out and very gently touched a leaf - "Oh OK, that really stings!" he says. Maybe he should have believed me.

Afterwards, driving along Toonumbar Forest Road, which had a few fallen trees to detour around...

....we found another nice spot to camp, this time overlooking the valley, well through the trees.

And now to Monday and our walk to Eden Creek Falls.

The walk starts along an old forestry track, called Poor Bullock, which is no longer drivable, but very pleasant for a walk.

After almost 3km we reached the old picnic area.

And then it was a steep walk down to the creek, following pink tape and scarred trees, as the path doesn't get much use and could be hard to follow.

On reaching the creek we were at the top of the lower falls, so followed the creek up to the base of the upper falls.


Here we enjoyed a wonderfully refreshing swim.

Alas, all good times come to an end and it was time for the uphill hike back to the car.

But just to keep things interesting we were treated to some wildlife viewing on our return walk.

3 snakes in less than an hour! I was glad to be wearing long pants.

To finish off the weekend we drove north through Toonumbar NP stopping at Murray Scrub Lookout for lunch.

Toonumbar National Park was certainly a great place to spend a few days, even though it was on foot and not bicycles!

Details for Eden Creek Falls hike

Length of walk
  7 km return

  3 hours

Best Time to do

    Anytime, great for a swim in summer


    Easy/medium, parts are steep and some off-track route finding may be required

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