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This year I decided that I would compete in a marathon. But when I accidentally read in a running magazine about the 100 km North Face race, I was hooked. All I wanted to do is enter that race. After some days, reasoning from my wife and some research, I realized that this aim was unrealistic. I did not have enough time to train for 100km (besides that it would probably kill me), and I also couldn't work out the logistics of getting there (NSW), taking the kids out of school and taking time off work.

A friend of mine came to the rescue when he told me about the Glasshouse Mountain Trail runs. This was much better. The Glasshouse 50 offers three distances, 80 km (i.e. 50 miles, this is what the Glasshouse 50 refers to), 50 km and 30 km. I believe the the 80 km is out of my reach, but the 50 km would be a great challenge. When I started training I had 3 months to go. I believe that this is fairly short for an event like this. But then again, my aim is to just finish and have fun.
I am a complete novice at this and am only used to Mountain Bike endurance events, but life is boring without challenges.

The race is on the 17 May and I am ramping up training now.

I have done some 25 km runs and am just sorting out blisters from my cheap socks and rashes from my shorts.

At the moment I aim to run at least 60 km a week, ride my bike for about 150 km and do some weights training as well. I also wish to loose a few kilos, as I don't want to carry anything I don't need to.

Any one interested in mine and my families other activities, check out the web site of www.puffnpuffin.com.

Here is my training during the last 5 weeks:

07/04/09 22km street/trail run. Approx 14km road and 8km trail.

08/04/09 13km street run.

09/04/09 rest day

10/04/09 150 x sit ups 75 x push ups, 30 min weight training and 19km street run.

11/04/09 10km street run.

12/04/09 Easter Sunday, another rest day.

13/04/09 50km bike ride half on gravel road

14/04/09 10km trail run 40km bike ride on gravel road

15/04/09 13km trail run 20km bike ride on gravel road

16/04/09 30km bike ride on gravel road

17/04/09 1 hour trail hill sprints 35 km bike ride

18/04/09 15km street running

19/04/09 rest day

20/04/09 2 x 25km bike ride

21/04/09 25km bike ride

22/04/09 25km street run and 25km bike ride

23/04/09 25km bike ride

24/04/09 25km street run and 25km bike ride

25 and 26/04/09 rest days

27/04/09 25km street run

28/04/09 2 x 25km bike ride

29/04/09 6km street run

30/04/09 6km street run

01/05/09 12km street run

I decided to spend some money on trail running shoes. I wasn't too happy to spend a lot of money on shoes, but I thought it would make the whole experience more pleasurably painful. I ended up getting The North Face Ultra 104 GTX shoes. I never had that expensive shoes before, but they fit like a glove.

02/05/09 15km street run

This was my first run with my new shoes. I am very impressed. Although they are a bit harder, which is normal for trail shoes, they feel fantastic. I didn't take them off all day.

03/05/09 17km (10km street run 7km trail run)

First time on a trail with my new shoes. They feel good, but have a little pressure on the outside of the big toe. I will need to wear them in over the next two weeks.

04/05/09 rest day

05/05/09 2 x 25km bike ride

06/05/09 25km street run

07/05/09 25km bike ride

08/05/09 13km street run 25km bike ride

09/05/09 9km street run

10/05/09 rest day

11/05/09 2 x 25km bike ride

12/05/09 6km street run

13/05/09 to 16/05/09 rest days

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