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After my 50 km trail run I took 1 week of running and made the mistake of starting back up again with a 20 km run. I took it easy and it felt good, but as soon as I finished I found that I had an enormously painful shin. The pain is directly in the front of the shin and I could hardly walk. I knew that I got myself a shin splint.
I didn't bother reading up about it and the next day I tried to loosen things up with a session on a cross trainer. Not good. I should have done my research as my shin had gotten even worse. After reading about it I treated it with ice and gave it as much rest as possible.

It took about 1.5 weeks for the pain to go away, but it is still tender. I decided to rest it for another few days before I am going to start up light exercise again.

I now have 1 month left to get ready for the rogaine.

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