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Yesterday Kerrie and I competed in the Mountain Design adventure race in the Noosa hinterland. It consisted of canoeing, mountain biking and trail running. The event was great, with lots of mud.

We did pretty good, finishing at the 6 hour mark. Kerrie just kept on going like a real trooper. The only downside was that Kerry ripped her legs during a battle with some Lantana (the bleeding stopped not too long after) and had problems with my foot again. After the race Kerrie cleaned and dresses her cuts, which were stinging quite a bit.

I did some more research and decided that my foot problems are inflamed tendons, which I caused when I had my shoe done up too tight (over a week ago). This is a major problem for the TNF, which is now less than 7 weeks away. I have decided to bite the bullet and not run until the soreness is gone in my foot. Instead I am going to keep on training on the bike, gym, and exercise bike, keep up the ice treatment and use anti inflammatory tablets to get back to normal as soon as possible. Not too worry, this is all part of the fun.

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