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My training was coming along well with about 80km running per week, plus one hill training session, 100km bike riding and the occasional home gym session per week. Until last Saturday when I developed some pain on the top of my foot during a short 12km run. At the time I attributed it to over tight shoe laces, but it got progressively worse on my Sunday hill training. My Monday bike stint didn't give me any problems and I totally forgot about it until I left for my longer run this morning. It really flared up and I struggled to finish. I decided to have a two day rest with some ice treatment, especially because my wife and I are participating in the Mountain Design ARA adventure race this coming Sunday. Hopefully it will have cleared up by then.

Otherwise all is going to plan and I nearly got all my gear together. My main items are my trusty CamelBak M.U.L.E, which has nearly become an extension of me over the last few months, and my NB 769's, which I find more comfortable than any trail shoe that I have tried. But these are just my preferences and I am often told that I am weird (I like weird).

I won't start up my spread sheet again because I just don't seem to find the time. Saying that, I have reached what I consider my ideal weight and my food intake is well adjusted to my training (including the compulsory beer).

Some of my training runs:
44 km to work
32 km to work
24 km to work
24 km round trip

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