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Cortina/Norikura and the fire festival

Wow, what a day.  We had to go to Cortina, everyone says it is awesome when there is powder.  Unfortunately, there was no new snow, but we decided to check it out anyway.

The hotel at Cortina looks awesome, like something out of a fantasy movie.  The runs are a pretty challenging and it offers awesome tree runs with pretty steep grades.

We also ended up traversing to Norikura which hardly had any people on it and we both had some fun on little terrain parks and even going down a slalom course.

Kerrie going the scenic tour

 Alex's lunch
 Kerrie's lunch

Fire Festival

This evening we were lucky to get to go to the fire festival.

We caught a free bus and had the most awesome time in the snow at night.  It was very spectacular and I couldn't believe it when I won the first prize in the lucky draw.

The food was great in little stalls, the bonfire lighting was just beautiful with the torches coming down the slopes.  Other amazing things included the drums, ski and snowboard displays, snow grooming and snowmobile demonstrations and of course the fireworks at the end.  I was privileged (because I won first prize) to do the countdown in the end.

Then we caught a free bus back home.

Just normal lights in the streets.
 It was bucketing down snow when we got there.
 Kerrie's new friend.
 Dinner choices.

Lighting of the bonfire.

Some more food.

 It was great to watch the drummers
 Staying warm near the fire.
 Can't believe it.
 Transformer display.
 Awesome fireworks

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