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Train ride from Matsumoto to Kyoto and visit of Nishi-Hongaji Temple

Our bullet train has arrived. As usual on the second. We had a 9 minute transfer between the trains. Made it with 2 minutes to spare.  The trains are so much on time that when a train was 30 seconds late one day they issued a public appology and refunded everyones tickets.  It is amazing that there is no grafity or rubbish anywhere.  We also haven't seen any homeless people or beggars yet.  Another thing we found is that there are no fences on the railway line.  300+ km/h trains go through backyards without a fence.  Maybe common sense prevails here.

We got into our accomodation around 14:45 and couldn't check in yet, so we went and visited Nishi-Hongaji Temple just around the corner.

 Are these cherry blossoms or plum blossoms.  Don't know, but they looked nice.
 So do we. Look nice I mean.
 Random photo of a fire hydrant and a box.  Don't know why I took this picture, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
 Inside of the temple, not sure whether we were meant to look in, but Kerrie was in a mischievious mood and opened some doors.
 Kerrie still looking to see what she can get up to.
 Still childish, but I must say I like Kerrie's helmet. Or is it a hair dryer?

 Dinner comes with instructions.
 Kerrie is very good at following instructions.
 I had the most amazing spicy Ramen. Kerrie loves the Goyzas, fried rice with egg and fried chicken (fried chicken not in photo).

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