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Every now and then (becoming more frequent) there are articles in the local papers that argue for cyclists having to pay registration in order to use the roads. There is a huge misconception that the vehicle registration actually funds the roads in Brisbane. I am amazed that whenever these claims are made that politicians don't set the record straight. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when our Lord Mayor wrote the following in the Bmag that is distributed locally:

“...Some people think cyclists should have to pay rego if they want to use the roads. That is a bit of a furphy because car registration is paid to the State Government and there are less than 300kms of state funded roads in Brisbane, mostly major highways. The remainder of the 6000kms of Brisbane roads are funded by Brisbane City Council, which means that they are funded by people paying rates, rather than taxes. That means cyclists are entitled to user our roads, particularly the ratepayers. I personally think there is room for everyone on the roads and with a few manners and a bit of respect we can all co-exist...”
(Ref: BMag 13 April 2010: Campbell Newmann)

I believe that motorists have to be made aware of the benefits of cycling, not just for the cyclist, but also for the motorists. Fact sheets like the CPF information sheet “Bicycles belong on the road”  should be distributed as part of an education campaign.

Unfortunately there is a big divide between cyclists and motorists in Australia compared to other countries. I am not saying that motorists are the only ones at fault as there are many cyclists who do the wrong thing as well. But it is important that we all recognise the advantages of cycling and that we all become more tolerant of each other. Like Campbell Newman I also think that if we respect each other we can both exist on the roads.

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