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I have decided that I have waited enough to make my foot get better. I need to do training. It either will heal itself and all is OK or it will get worse and then I am just forced to rest and wing the race.

I went for a short 5km trial run yesterday and the pain started to set in after about 3 minutes, but it is manageable I did some stretches during the run as advised by my physio this seemed to loosen things up a bit. This morning I increased my run to 10km and although the pain was there right from the start, it did not get worse. Once again I did my stretches during the run. My time on the 10km was pretty good and I am happy to not have lost too much fitness. I then spent one hour on the exercise bike with no pain at all. I am still icing my foot twice a day doing exercises and stretches. So hopefully it will clear up soon.

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