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Today was boys time out and Luke and I went rock climbing, that is Luke does the climbing and I do the belaying.  It is always good fun when we go exploring new walls.  This was no exception.  We went to “The Grotto” near Nowra and found another spectacular climbing area near the river.  The good news for Luke today was that I didn’t drop him and that he could climb a nice overhang in a spectacular cave.  The grades were ranging from about 16 up to 28.  We were impressed by a massive slab wall with a considerable backwards angle that a lot of projects seem to be in progress.  We decided to give that a miss and maybe come back in a few years’ time.

Meanwhile, the girls spent a nice relaxing time at the campsite (Kerrie read a complete book in one day!) They also had an interlude of going sightseeing in Kangaroo Valley, although a thunderstorm cut this a bit short. They found an awesome antique bookshop housing some books over 100 years old.

Antique bookshop

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