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The night was amazingly quiet for a campsite with about 2000 people.  But in the morning, we noticed that a couple was moved right beside our camp site and they were busy drinking beers while the security guards talked to them.  We didn’t take much notice of them at this stage.

We decided to try paddling from Kangaroo Valley to the campsite.  We carted both the kayak and canoe up to Kangaroo Valley township and were told by the kayak hire people at the river that we won’t get the kayak down the rapids and will be stuck.  We didn’t take much notice of them and started heading off.  After only a couple of hundred meters we had to portage for the first time, but only for a few meters.

It was beautiful going past all the lizards either sun baking or swimming in the river. We came across several small rapids some of which we were able to paddle through and we only had a couple more portage sections before we got to half way mark at about 2.5 kilometres before the home run to the campsite.

The whole trip was about 5 kilometres, along a very pretty section of the river, through some very scenic country side and it took about 1.5 hours of easy paddling downstream.

Luke and I went off to the rope swing for some fun with other campers before catching up with the girls for some fun in the water.

Returning to our camp site we found the couple still drinking and smoking (presumably illegal substances), dancing on their car and being a public nuisance.  The whole thing escalated (a fight between themselves), before 3 police cars arrived, and they ended up being arrested by the police, carted away in separate paddy wagons!

It ended up being another peaceful night.

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