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After yesterday we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and decided on a recovery day.  With the day overcast we were struggling with keeping the fridges running on solar, and decided on a pork fry up for breakfast.

Kerrie went back to her notes and found a nice drive to Kiama to visit Australia’s biggest blowhole.  Apparently 900,000 people visit it each year.  Who says that I am anti-social.  I was going to wear my socks and sandals, but my family told me in no uncertain terms that this was not the in fashion, so I opted for socks and runners instead.

Although there were a lot of tourists, the blowhole was very spectacular.  We also visited the “little blowhole” but that was a bit of a fizzer.

Other achievements for the day were getting the shopping done on the busiest day of the year for alcohol and party food (I only just survived) and recharging the battery for the fridge.

Once we got back we just relaxed and I got to catch up on this blog.  We are now ready for the anticipated new year celebrations and have our earplugs ready.

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