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The Wombats munching at night and moving through our campsite have taken on a relaxing quality for us and we will surely miss them once we must go back to suburbia.  Maybe Tash is not of that opinion as they are still determined to get into her tent while she is sleeping.

As we had a quiet day yesterday we followed it up with a visit to Bungonia National Park and a walk through the slot canyon.  This was originally recommended to us by the family we met in Tahmoor Gorge.  We were a bit puzzled why a 4 kilometre walk was supposed to take between 4 and 5 hours.

The different tracks in this area range from easy to hard.  Of course, we were doing the hard one, what other choice is there? After the initial 200-meters along the top of the ridge we started dropping into the gorge on a well-marked track, which was very shaly and made walking slow.  It was a good workout for our knees.

After about 1 hour we entered the slot canyon and decided to have morning tea at it’s entrance.  

Luke dwarfed by the canyon walls

It looked spectacular and Luke started to get excited when he saw all the bolted climbing routes up the walls.  Afterwards we found out that the canyon provided several multi pitches of up to 300 meters.  Luke is already making plans on returning here for an extensive climbing trip.

Once again, what we thought was already spectacular got even better.  After a few hundred meters of entering the canyon, the canyon floor was piled up with huge boulders that were fantastic fun to navigate our way through. Over, under and around we scrambled.

Just after exiting the boulders we came across a sign warning us that the next 700m was a danger zone for rock fall (due to blasting from the nearby quarry). If sirens sounded we had a short time to move out of the danger zone.

By the time we made our way through the canyon (with a quickened pace now!) and had lunch more than 3 hours had passed, but it certainly didn’t seem like it because this was such a spectacular walk.

Now for the ascent, and the real fun started (maybe a bit of sarcasm here). Everything we went down, we had to go back up again.  It was about a kilometre of thigh busting and heart pumping uphill and we arrived at the top bathed in sweat.  After finishing the last half a kilometre along an easy track and a bit of a rest at the car, we decided to check out the “Lookdown Lookout”.  We had no idea what this meant but soon found out that it was a platform built suspended over the gorge with a see-through walking platform.  It was a surreal feeling standing over nothing and seeing where we had just walked below, only a few hours ago.

After a long drive back to camp we were all well and truly exhausted and arrived ready for bed.  Yes, the walk took us just over 4 hours (including some breaks) and it would have been one of the toughest 4 kilometres we have ever done.  I thought it would be a great obstacle course time challenge.
We were in bed before sunset and didn’t hear anything that night.  Not even our fury wombat friends.

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