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Last night a wombat decided that the best grass is under Luke’s tent and it tried to get under it while Luke was asleep.  Luke thought this pretty funny and thought he had discovered a new friend.

After a short drive, again up the steep winding road, we arrived at Fitzroy Falls. The walk started out very touristy and unfortunately the falls didn’t have much water in them.  But the views were very nice, reminding us of the blue mountains.  We decided to go on the escarpment walk to Renown lookout and others along the way.  The further along we went the more spectacular the views became (and the less people we encountered).

It was a very beautiful and relaxing walk, which we capped off with a nice morning coffee and iced chocolates.

In the afternoon we decided to paddle up stream from the campsite and made it up to the first minor rapid about 2.5 kilometres from the campground.  Once we got back Luke made new friends at the rope swing and we passed the afternoon swimming, reading and generally relaxing.

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