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Today was Luke’s rock climbing day.  We headed off to Nowra where we organised a new tyre for our trailer, as the old one has a big bald egg on it.  Tash stayed at the camp as she has a bit of a cold and needed to catch up on some sleep and reading.

Only a few kilometres out of Nowra is Thompson’s Point, a really cool place for climbing right next to the river.  I just had to ignore the constant roar of the water ski boats. There were some amazing overhangs and crevices.  Luke had a fun time climbing and I had a go as well, but as usual ended up realising that I am best placed on level ground (i.e. avoiding underground places and hanging off cliffs).

Although I was only belaying the time passed quickly as I enjoyed watching Luke climb.  We even had a bit of excitement with Luke having a pretty decent fall, but my skilful belaying prevented serious damage.

Back at the camp, Tash had enjoyed her relaxing time and we were ready for dinner and another good night’s sleep.

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